Not really much of a writer, but I have been on bed rest for 3 weeks and I plan on being on bed rest for the next 10 weeks. Yes…but why? Here goes.

Complicated pala mag-buntis ng kambal. Yung first 25 weeks ko went well (was working, taking care of A, lakwatsa here and there) then suddenly during my check-up sa gyne at 25wks SA+3, shorter than normal na daw ang cervix ko and 1cm dilated. Whew. In short, right after the check-up, we went to the emergency. From then on, I am on bed rest. Still lucky enough dahil I can go pee and eat out of the bed. I know some women who used to be in strict bed rest, and shucks, ang hirap nun!

Like I said, sana I can extend this bed rest for the next 10 weeks kasi masyado pang maaga manganak. This will be my little sacrifice, just to make sure na walang long term complications sa kambal, especially pag lumabas sila as preemie babies.

And to make use of my time, sabi ko sa sarili ko, mag-blog na ko. Marami naman akong time ngayon. Let’s see how far I can get with blogging and with my twin pregnancy.

Wish me luck! 🙂