A lot happened in 4 weeks (apart from fuller tummy, short hair and cheek bones missing). It’s just to say na when 2017 started, I was already on “arrêt de travail” but somehow andami kong ginawa: some cleaning, meetings, swimming classes, dinner with friends, etc. Partida na, I didn’t go shopping kahit “soldes” kasi feeling ko ambigat ko na. Perhaps all the activities I have done contributed to the shock I received on my 25th week of twin pregnancy, dunno.

But yes, on my 25th week + 3 days, I found out that my cervix is shortened and that I was 1cm dilated. It was even by chance, and for this I really think my gyne is an angel. Why? Because my case is Mo/Di twins: one shared placenta and 2 different sacs. Here in France, from the 5th month of pregnancy, my case would have “echographies” at the hospital every other week so feeling ko monitored na monitored na ang pregnancy ko. On January 16th, I had an echo in the morning and I asked the doctor if they will check the cervix, she just replied na it looks like everything’s fine, wala naman contractions and from the last checkup, the cervix was fine so, in short, she didn’t check it. Buti na lang, on the same day, in the afternoon, I had my check up with my regular gyne. She checked my cervix and boom, the news came out. She didn’t let me feel panicked or anything but the order is to go immediately to the hospital.

My bed rest story started that day and happy to say that 3 weeks passed and I am doing well and the boys are kicking and still partying inside my tummy.

I am noting the 28th week mark because it is a milestone. Next target: 32 weeks until we achieve full term.

Let’s do this, boys!