The sun is up and about today. Damn, it makes me miss being outdoors. I have an itchy feet, in tagalog “lakwatsera”. For a person who cannot sit still the whole day at home, bed rest is, uhm, quite of a challenge.

Driving… it relaxes me. Whenever I drive to-and-from work, I consider it as my alone time. I get to reflect on things, serious or not. I get to fantasize about crazy stuffs. I get to sing and follow the beat of the music I am listening to. I get to be me, before I embrace again my role as a wife and a mom.

Last night, too, after several weeks of getting informed online and through “conseillers”, I discovered that it will actually make sense for me to not work this year. Thank you France — but this is still to be confirmed. If this turns out right, I am looking forward to at least 2 months vacation in the Philippines late this year! I cross my fingers. Which brings me to search for plane tickets today and how to travel with 3 little kiddos and of course, how much it will cost us. This planning thing excites me. At least it’s something I can look forward to, after all this bed rest and when the boys arrive.

Apart from this long haul trip, my sister will also arrive in May. Perhaps it would still be too early to drive the boys outside France but even in the region where I live, I am sure I can show my sister around, along with A and the boys, while papa is working.

In order to continue enjoying driving though, there is just one big challenge for the moment — we need a goddamn van.