One of the things we NEED to have before the twins are born is found and purchased!

I have been researching for a twin stroller since the day I found out that I am pregnant with twins (so way back in September last year). It wasn’t easy to decide and honestly, the one we purchased is only the closest to what I have in mind.

There are a lot of great designs, sturdy and all, but living in an old (but lovely) building in France poses one tiny problem… our elevator is small. Really small. Even for A, it took us ages to find a decent stroller that could fit in the elevator. I knew that a twin stroller would even be more difficult to find. And so, I had to do some pros-and-cons and I had set my mind as well that perhaps, no twin stroller will ever fit in our tiny elevator (of course, choosing a stroller will be totally different, should we live in a house, instead of an apartment on the 5th floor of an old building).

What were the key factors I considered while searching for a twin stroller:

  1. Size – Every centimeter matters. L x W x H of the stroller unfolded and folded.
  2. Weight – I am a small woman. I even complain for carrying a bag with a Macbook Air when commuting to work because it is heeeeeaaaaaavy. Therefore, pushing a 30-kilo stroller (babies included) is not my idea of “lakwatsa”.
  3. Form – Since we live in a relatively old city where doors (like our elevator) are narrow, it is obvious that I cannot get the side-by-side type of twin stroller.
  4. We should be able to use it from the moment we leave the maternity and,
  5. Should be able to clip on “cosys”, just as shown in the photo — or car seat group 0+. We like travelling and so for us, it makes sense that cosys come in handy, in case we don’t have our car and need to take a cab or a friend’s car. Plus, it is also in anticipation of our voyage in the Philippines. My husband would be so much better if the babies are secured in their cosys. Though generally, over there, we can just hold the babies during the trip, as the rules aren’t as strict yet compared here in Europe.

Durability and price come next. But, seriously there are a lot of great brands available in the market. And for the price, with my demanding requirements, I was quite open to spend/invest on the stroller. Anyways, I kept thinking that the cost of the stroller is a mere fraction of a price of buying a house. Haha!

But hey, since I had time to research for a twin stroller, the frugal in me also looked into second hand twin strollers. And by chance, that’s where we found ours.

I think it is a good buy. 🙂


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