The last 2 weeks have been calm and was really thankful. 31 weeks preggers with twins now. Time flew past with midwives visit every other day, nurses and PT, and of course, friends who kept me company and fed me some comfort food. In total, I have been on bed rest for more than 5 weeks. I still need about 3 weeks to be on the safe side (or 34 weeks pregnant). 

The other night though, when I went to pee, as I wiped, I noticed a discharge that I was not quite familiar with. I have been pregnant before and also with this pregnancy, I have had some discharges, but this one is new. Thick and somehow solid (sorry for TMI). I have to say that I panicked…because in my head it could only mean one thing, it’s mucus plug. In my first pregnancy it didn’t come out early so I supposed that it will be the case this time, but no. 

Panic, panic. I took a photo, saved the tissue. Woke up my husband. He got worried, too. Asked if I had contractions and I said no. We both agreed that we wait until morning before calling the midwife. But obviously I couldn’t sleep anymore and started googling about my case. Inevitably, I just got more anxious after reading and around 5am (been up since 1am) I managed to sleep. 

First thing in the morning (apart from venting out to my husband my panic and a bit of crying), I called the midwife and informed her about my case. I say “the” midwife because here in France, I am on “hospitalisation à domicile” so there is a team taking care of my case. They are the first to be informed if anything happens. So I talked to her and sent her the photo of the discharge and to calm me, she said it is something I shouldn’t worry about. She even explained that many pregnant women on their third tri-semester lose a part of the mucus plug after an examination of the uterus. And that the good thing is, it continues to fabricate so without bleeding, nor contractions, she said it shouldn’t be a sign of labor. After this explanation, sure, I calmed down a bit but from the forums I read none said something like this so a part of me was still anxious. I think the midwife sensed my panic and called me few hours after to inform me that she’ll give me a visit and will do some tests. No amniotic liquid = good! Vag test, awaiting for results. What really calmed me during her visit is that when she saw the sample of my discharge, she immediately said that it actually doesn’t look like mucus plug (vs how she saw it on photo). It was some remnants of an ovule I used to treat yeast infection. Whew. In my head, I just need to keep these babies for a couple of more weeks. This little bit of good news is perfect!

Today seemed uneventful. Better that, than panic mode again.