Living abroad entails a person to integrate to the community, the host country’s culture, habits, etc. In my experience, the very first thing I HAD to learn is the language. French isn’t easy. Then once I dared speaking the language, even if I had made mistakes, I knew that I was on the good track of integrating myself in this country.

In the beginning I called myself frenchnewbie… now almost 4 years after, let’s see if I have managed to frenchify myself. I found this on twitter:

1 – Sometimes guilty of this. It’s just so appetizing to talk about food!

2 – Used to this. My students are sometimes naughty.

3 – Everyday with my husband. You have to justify even if your response is “IDK”.

4 – Just when you compliment a good weather, someone will always respond “… but tomorrow will be rainy” or something like that.

5 – I still manage to resist this. I loooove colors!

6 – Almost everyday. Food and wine above everything else.

7 – Not much into Paris.

8 – Complaining is one of the easiest subjects I do with my students to encourage them to talk.

9 – Everytime. At my mum-in-law’s house.

10 – Luckily there’s spell check. My personal trap, the accents! Hate them.

11 – So far I have never protested on the streets but I have seen quite a lot in front of our apartment and it could get crazy.

Have I frenchified myself enough? 😛