My bed rest story started as a breeze. So far I am on my 8th week and it is only recently that I actually feel lucky that I am on bed rest. My body just can’t afford to move anyore. It’s painful — contractions, my pelvic area, my back, my boobs. Whew. Trips to the toilet require so much effort. And yet, I have to get up 3-4x a night now to pee. 

Apart from the pains, I have actually gone big. Big belly. Big face. Big fingers. I woke up Sunday morning and suddenly I couldn’t put my rings. Yes, it was that sudden. I kind of panicked if it was pre-eclampsia and luckily, it wasn’t. I reminded myself that from 30th week to 32nd, I did gain roughly 2 kilos, which explains my bigness. 

I feel awful with all of these, but the good side is that my boys are growing up well (plus they are still in my oven!). At yesterday’s ultrasound, they are at 1.65 kilos and 1.7 kilos. They are growing at a rate of a single baby. I am so proud of them! 

Now I need to occupy my mind with something and be productive, to forget these little worries. 

To my boys, hang in there. We still need at least 2 weeks more!