…but not yet ready to go. 

Not going anywhere yet, but mama and the boys bags are ready. We’re only going 35 weeks on Friday but I had already another PTL last week which caused me to stay overnight in the hospital. Then, there is this history of high protein in my urine which is going haywire to-date. To cut it short, the doctors want to induce me soon. Depending on the results of tomorrow’s test, I will know if it will be sooner than soon. 

*scared all of a sudden*

With my little girl, the delivery was spontaneous so I am a little bit scared with the idea of being induced. Plus it doesn’t help that I have read articles with mixed experiences regarding it. 

Anyways, I pray that my boys will be ready. I cross my fingers that they decide to come out naturally, too, before the doctors D-day. 

Let’s be strong, boys.