Pinay Maman

Nanay of Antoinette and soon of twin boys

Waiting game begins

Now that I am back at the hospital, there is no more leaving until my boys are with me. The protein in my urine is still up but so far, in a manner not too drastic. This means, they will... Continue Reading →


Bags are packed…

...but not yet ready to go.  Not going anywhere yet, but mama and the boys bags are ready. We're only going 35 weeks on Friday but I had already another PTL last week which caused me to stay overnight in... Continue Reading →

Starting to get really tired and a bit awful – 32weeks pregnant with twins

My bed rest story started as a breeze. So far I am on my 8th week and it is only recently that I actually feel lucky that I am on bed rest. My body just can't afford to move anyore.... Continue Reading →

Frenchify yourself

Living abroad entails a person to integrate to the community, the host country's culture, habits, etc. In my experience, the very first thing I HAD to learn is the language. French isn't easy. Then once I dared speaking the language,... Continue Reading →

Another pre-term labor scare

The last 2 weeks have been calm and was really thankful. 31 weeks preggers with twins now. Time flew past with midwives visit every other day, nurses and PT, and of course, friends who kept me company and fed me... Continue Reading →

Twin stroller / “Une double poussette” – check!

One of the things we NEED to have before the twins are born is found and purchased! I have been researching for a twin stroller since the day I found out that I am pregnant with twins (so way back... Continue Reading →

I miss driving and other things

The sun is up and about today. Damn, it makes me miss being outdoors. I have an itchy feet, in tagalog "lakwatsera". For a person who cannot sit still the whole day at home, bed rest is, uhm, quite of... Continue Reading →

Pacifiers / “Des tetines”

As a baby, I wasn't trained to use pacifiers and even with my sister and brother, my mom didn't really rely on it to calm us down. If I have done a decent observation, I remember that not many babies in... Continue Reading →

What happens in 4 weeks

A lot happened in 4 weeks (apart from fuller tummy, short hair and cheek bones missing). It's just to say na when 2017 started, I was already on "arrĂȘt de travail" but somehow andami kong ginawa: some cleaning, meetings, swimming... Continue Reading →

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